9th Thessalian Poetry Festival | Opening Ceremony | 23 August Larissa

9th Thessalian Poetry Festival | Opening Ceremony | 23 August Larissa

9th Thessalian Poetry Festival | Opening Ceremony | 23 August Larissa 1080 1350 Editor

Monday 23 August
[Garden of the Diachronical Museum]
Presented by Thanos Gogos

19:00 Opening Ceremony

Short speeches:
Stavroula Sdrolia (Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Larissa)
Panos Sapkas (Deputy Mayor of Culture and Science of the Municipality of Larissa)
Thanos Gogos (Festival Director)
Boris Jelovšek (Deputy Head of Mission, Minister Plenipotentiary of Slovenia in Greece)

19:20 Debutants of Thessalian Poetry Festival
Young poets who participate for the first time in the Panthessalian Poetry Festival will read their poems.
Participants: Christos Gravanis, Pinelopi Zardouka, Kristallia Makatou, Panayiota Tsianoyianni, Sappho Soutsou

19:40 Ulysses’ Shelter 2021
Participants: Thanos Gogos, Nikolas Koutsodontis, Uroš Prah (Slovenia), Denis Škofič (Slovenia), Ana Svetel (Slovenia)
Moderator: Marija Dejanović
Interpreter: Chryssa Voulgaraki

Ulysses’ Shelter, an international program of literary residencies, organized by Thraka (Greece), Sandorf (Croatia), Krokodil (Serbia), the Slovene Writers’ Association (Slovenia) and Literature Across Frontiers (Wales), has been running for 3 years. During this period, 18 poets visited Greece and created, participated in live events, and took part in various cultural exchange activities.
The guests will talk about the importance of literary residencies for poetry and creation, in a world that is both globalized and limited by pandemic-related measures.

20:30 Book presentation
Denis Škofič – “Βουτιές”
Speakers: Thanos Gogos, Lara Unuk, translator of the book.

21:00 International Poetry Festivals in Greece
Participants: Thanos Gogos, Antonis D. Skiathas (president of “Γραφείου Ποιήσεως” and one of the organizers the Patras World Poetry Festival

21:20 Thraka Award
The shortlisted poets read the poems from their manuscripts.
Participants: Eleni Athanasiou – Τεφροδόχος σε ένα φεστιβάλ techno; Tria Epsilon – Εκφώνηση; Marsia Israelidi – Tα θαυμαστά τίποτα; George Manadis – Ο Σιξτ απ’ τον Βηρό; Thomas Meleteas – ΠΟΥΚ; Marina Papadimitriou – Τέλειος Κύκλος; Anastasia Poulou – Δύο μικρά χέρια.

22:00 Thraka Award ceremony
Closing of the first day