9th Thessalian Poetry Festival “Connection” | Events Schedule

9th Thessalian Poetry Festival “Connection” | Events Schedule

9th Thessalian Poetry Festival “Connection” | Events Schedule 1200 300 Editor

23rd to 27th of August – Country in focus: Slovenia

This year’s Thessalian Poetry Festival, organized by the publishing house “Thraka” in collaboration with the Deputy Mayor of Culture & Science of the Municipality of Larissa, and supported by Municipalities of Karditsa and Trikala, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Larissa, the French Institute of Larissa and the Embassy of Slovenia in Athens, Greece, due to the pandemic will not take place near the World Poetry Day (March 21), but in open spaces from 23rd to 27th of August.

Starting from Larissa and the garden of the Diachronic Museum, and passing through all the Thessalian capitals (VolosMakrinitsa Pelion, Art Café; Trikala Theatraki Litheou; Karditsa Pausilipou Café), the Festival will close at the Summer Cinema in Larissa with poetry readings, awarding the “Makis Lahanas” award, and with a concert of the famous singer and songwriter Nikos Ziogalas.

Throughout the whole festival, an exhibition by the Association of Fine Arts “8”, entitled “A Work For a Poem”, will be exhibited at the Sitiron kai Aleuron Museum. Inspired by the poems of the last year’s and this year’s festival’s participants, the members of the Association created artwork for the 9th Panthessalian Poetry Festival.

Participants: Dimitra Ikonomou,  Athanasia Papatzelou,   Konstantinos  Douloudis,  Antigoni Kapsali,  Marina Goula,  Paris Makris,  Anastasia Tampaki,  Orestis Kotopoulis,  Maria Lagou,  Evangeli Karangeli,  Maria Eleni Thalassinou,  Maria Zisopoulou,  Akhilleas Zazos,  Liana Kraniotou,  Eleni Sarli,  Stella Kakava,  Sophia Zapiti,  Artemis Diamanti.

Every year the festival is oriented towards a certain theme.

For 2021, the central idea of ​​the Festival is entitled “Connection”. The theme refers to the multiple concepts of “connection” and synergy: the social reconnection – which is what is required after the pandemic; the interaction – in the free circulation of ideas; the interconnection of poets and writers from different countries and environments. And, of course, the connection of poetry with new and young audiences.

In this context, this year, given that the country in the focus of the Festival is Slovenia, we are planning a series of events aimed at strengthening the cultural ties between Greece and Slovenia, widening the bridges opened by the “Ulysses Shelter”, the excellent relationship and cooperation we have with the Slovene Writers’ Association, but also Thraka’s participation in the Ljubljana Book Fair in 2019.

73 Greek and 11 international poets, 18 artists, 3 musicians are participating in this year’s festival.


 Monday 23 August


[Garden of the Diachronical Museum]

Presented by Thanos Gogos









19:00 Opening Ceremony

Short speeches:

  • Stavroula Sdrolia (Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Larissa)
  • Panos Sapkas (Deputy Mayor of Culture and Science of the Municipality of Larissa)
  • Thanos Gogos (Festival Director)
  • Boris Jelovšek (Deputy Head of Mission, Minister Plenipotentiary of Slovenia in Greece)


Debutants of Thessalian Poetry Festival

Young poets who participate for the first time in the Panthessalian Poetry Festival will read their poems.

Participants: Christos Gravanis, Pinelopi Zardouka, Kristallia Makatou, Panayiota Tsianoyianni, Sappho Soutsou


Ulysses’ Shelter 2021

Participants: Thanos Gogos, Nikolas Koutsodontis, Uroš Prah (Slovenia), Denis Škofič (Slovenia), Ana Svetel (Slovenia)

Moderator: Marija Dejanović

Interpreter: Chryssa Voulgaraki

Ulysses’ Shelter, an international program of literary residencies, organized by Thraka (Greece), Sandorf (Croatia), Krokodil (Serbia), the Slovene Writers’ Association (Slovenia) and Literature Across Frontiers (Wales), has been running for 3 years. During this period, 18 poets visited Greece and created, participated in live events, and took part in various cultural exchange activities.

The guests will talk about the importance of literary residencies for poetry and creation, in a world that is both globalized and limited by pandemic-related measures.


Book presentation:

Denis Škofič –Βουτιές

Speakers: Thanos Gogos, Lara Unuk, translator of the book.


International Poetry Festivals in Greece

Participants: Thanos Gogos, Antonis D. Skiathas (president of “Γραφείου Ποιήσεως” and one of the organizers the Patras World Poetry Festival


Thraka Award

The shortlisted poets read the poems from their manuscripts.

Participants: Eleni Athanasiou – Τεφροδόχος σε ένα φεστιβάλ techno; Tria Epsilon – Εκφώνηση; Marsia Israelidi – Tα θαυμαστά τίποτα; George Manadis – Ο Σιξτ απ’ τον Βηρό; Thomas Meleteas – ΠΟΥΚ; Marina Papadimitriou – Τέλειος Κύκλος; Anastasia Poulou – Δύο μικρά χέρια.


Thraka Award ceremony

Closing of the first day

Tuesday, August 24,

Volos, Makrinitsa Pelion


Presented by Lina Fytili



Poetry Evening

Poetry reading by poets who come from or live in Magnesia: Nikos Varalis, Phoebe Giannisi, Dimitris Karakitsos, Maria Bouchli, Dimitris Kroustallias, Steryios Dertsas, Dimitra Sacharidou, Eleni Kosma, Charitini Malissova, Giolanta Sakellariou,  Yiorgos Tzevelekakis, Elena Psaralidou, Dragica Anta, Dzipalo Patsea.

Also participating: Grug Muse (Wales), Tatiana Faia (Portugal), Marija Dejanović (Croatia), Ana Svetel (Slovenia), Thanos Gogos, Tonia Tzirita Zacharatou.


Screening of the short film “Θεσσαλία επί / 4″

Director: Nalia Zikou- Text: Sofia Gourgouliani

A short film inspired by the 4 prefectures of Thessaly.

Wednesday, August 25,

Trikala [Litheou Theater]


Poetry reading:

Agathoklis Azelis, Eleni Alexiou, Georgia Koloveloni, Vasso Christodoulou.


Book presentation:

” Γραφέας του φυσικού έπους”, by Ilias Kefalas (presented by Giannis V. Kovaios)


Poetry reading:

Grug Muse (Wales), Denis Škofič (Slovenia), Ana Svetel (Slovenia), Roberto Garcia De Mesa (Spain)

Thursday, August 26,

Karditsa [Pausilipou Cafe]

Presented by Christos Diamantis


Presentation of poetry collections:

“Άτσαλες συζητήσεις”, by Thomas Nikolaou

“Ντελάλης”, by Vangelis Brianas

(presentation: Elias Bartziokas)


Poetry reading: Dimitris Athanaselos, Ioanna Giannakopoulou, Giannis Zaraboukas, Andreas Kentzos, Giannis B. Kovaios, Alexios Mainas, Giorgos Saratsis, Petros Skythiotis


Presentation of poetry collections:

“Κρυφές Σπουδές”, by Christos Diamantis

“Νεροφόροι”, by Christos Koltsidas

(presentation: Giota Tembridou)


Poetry reading: Mirko Božić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Klarisa Jovanović (Slovenia), Uroš Prah (Slovenia), Ana Svetel (Slovenia)


Poetry reading by poets of Karditsa:

Dimitris K. Angelis, Georgia Diakou, Ilias Barkalis, Ilias Bartziokas, Panagiotis Nanos, Rania Orfanakou, Danae Sioziou, Vicky Triantafyllou

Friday 27 August,

Larissa [Pappas Mill, Summer Cinema]


Closing ceremony

Presented by Konstantina Karydaki

Short Speeches:

Panos Sapkas, Thanos Gogos


Poetry reading: Chryssa Alexiou, Eleni Anastassopoulou, Marija Dejanović (Croatia), Mirko Božić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ardita Iatrou (Albania), Efthymis Lentzas, Pavlos Kastanaras, Dimitris P. Kraniotis, Thanasis Kritsiniotis, Elsa Korneti, Ilias Kourkoutas, Eftikhia Alexandra Loukidou, Angelis Marianos, Lampros Papadimas,  Roberto Garcia De Mesa (Spain).

20:30 Makis Lahanas Award

Speaker: Titika Dimitroulia (professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, literary critic)

20:45 Poetry reading: Grug Muse (Wales), Denis Škofič (Slovenia), Antonis D. Skiathas, Tatiana Faia (Portugal), Klarisa Jovanović (Slovenia), Eva Spathara, Sotiris Pastakas, Uroš Prah (Slovenia), Don Schofield (USA), Lina Fytili, Antonis Psaltis


Concert by Nikos Ziogalas, Paraskevas Theodorakis & Dimitris Chatzidimitriou

Nikos Ziogalas doesn’t need recommendations – his songs have never stopped accompanying us in groups or on the radio. The beloved songwriter has written hits that have proven timeless. With him, two young talented and exceptional songwriters, known as “On the Road”, with their own unique musical journey each.

FREE ENTRY to all the events.

  • In order to be able to attend the closing ceremony at the summer cinema at Pappas Mill, you have to register until August 27th from 10:00 – 13:00 (every day except weekends) on the phone of the Deputy Mayor of Culture & Science of the Municipality of Larissa: 2410 614449.
  • All COVID safety measures, as defined by the relevant health protocols, will be respected (masks, antiseptics, distancing, only seated spectators). Number of seats is limited.