Makis Lachanas Award

During Thessalian Poetry Festival, one poet is being awarded the "Makis Lachanas" Award for a significant contribution in the field of literature.

The award mainly focuses on poets from all over Greece, with special sensitivity to those from the region, in order to contribute to the visibility of creators who work away from the center.

Βραβεία Θράκα – Βραβείο «Μάκης Λαχανάς»

Makis Lachanas

was born in Larissa in 1924 and died in his hometown in 2010.
He wrote many novels, short stories, poems, theatre plays, and translated theater plays, novels, poetry books, and essays on a variety of subjects of literary or philosophical interest. He founded a literary magazine of exceptional quality, Sparmos, and he was its main editor for a number of years. Poems and essays of high quality, often belonging to the European avant-garde, were published in Sparmos on the regular basis.

Makis Lachanas was a reference writer for the city of Larissa, as his great culture, his aesthetic taste and his love for all the arts were a source of inspiration for all the artists of Larissa. He was a courageous supporter of young talented artists and his speech was honest and encouraging. It can be rightly claimed that he was a homo universalis.

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